Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Made Sunday! - Blackheads/Whiteheads

Hello everyone, NO this is not a post about ice cream sundae (although i wish it was)! I noticed that particularly one of my most popular posts since i started blogging was my Kissable Lips Post where i gave a home remedy to chapped or-dry lips, so i thought i would let you guys in on another little secret of mine to getting rid of those unwelcome little spots on your face. So i thought i would do this a weekly thing so now every sunday i will post a home remedy beauty secret!
 I don't generally get a lot of big pimples or high levels of acne but i do get too many black heads or white heads there not too noticeable when covered by makeup but i know they are there and are extremely annoying those little monsters. But When i started looking for home remedies via the internet, i noticed everything included some weird thing that we supposedly have in our kitchen like pure vanilla extract (WHO HAS THAT!?) So instead of going on a scavenger hunt in my local grocery store i found one that you can literally make in less that a minute!


There are 2 things that you will need:
1- Toothpaste
2- Salt

Thats it!

I was heavily skeptical about this but after trying so many products for black/white heads i thought i would give his a chance.  Before you start wash your face with warm water not hot or cold to open up your pores. Next all you have to do is mix up both ingredients in equal percentages and apply to your nose and parts of your cheeks and chin. Make sure not to get it too close to your eyes because the scent is strong and it will probably make your eyes water but  after a couple of minutes it will go  away. Leave the paste for around 10 to 15 minutes. Note that i don't have very sensitive skin so if you do I'm not sure you should try this. I am in no way a professional and do not recommend this for people who has severe acne. I felt some tingling and my face afterward felt overly fresh like i had just put mouthwash on my face. Wash your face thoroughly with cold water to close up your pores and your done! The results were better than what i expected it got rid of most of my white heads some black heads were still visible but after doing this about 3 times a week soon they were starting to diminish pretty quickly. Before i started using this a great alternative that i used was the Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser
This is a more expensive option running at 34.99 of off amazon but it guarantees results!

I want to hear from you guys next! What should i do for next sunday? Any beauty concerns that require a home remedy? Let me know down below and don't forget to follow!

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