Friday, February 22, 2013

Marc B & ASOS Entry Shortlisted!

Quicky While Writing

I generally wake up around 10 am every morning. Since i graduated i cant seem to wake up earlier that that and also do to the fact that all my classes are in the afternoon (completely on purpose). When i finally woke up the first thing i did was boot up my omputer (Aspiring Journalist thing) and check my email. I scrolled down through all the junk i and found A particular one that said Congratulations from Kim as part of the e tail web stores. At first i thought it was another one of those "Congratulations You Just Won a million dollars" email so it was easy to almost dismiss it.Thank god i didn't because it turns out that my entry of the Marc b  & ASOS was in the top 8! I was most exited because this was the first competition i have been in as a blogger and as a part of the Etail Blogger Network. I know its a long shot for me to actually win but the great thing about this is that even if i don't win along with 7 other people who were also in the short list we got recognized! And a beauty+Fashion blogger that is our most sought after goal, exposure. So thank you Marc b and ASOS for this opportunity and grants us this amazing chance to broaden our viewers!

If you guys missed my entry it is down below! Don't forget to follow and good luck to all of the contestants who are in the shortlist!

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                                                                                              Happy day everyone!