Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As soon my macbook loaded through the page of Marc b the first thing that caught my eye was this amazing tote bag! I liked that the description included the word "simple" "glamour" and "practicality". Dived into 3 sections this bag is perfect for an 'On the Go' gal (you can fit your laptop). Naming it the Giselle Black Tote it is priced at 93.36 but it looks way more expensive that it actually is! When styling this outfit around the black tote i thought i wanted to give it some edge so when i found myself  the ASOS premium Spike Jewel Cross Necklace  it gave it the right amount of edge to this simplistic tote. It is priced at 105.24 a bit on the pricey side but makes a great investment as you could probably style it around 10 different outfits! Not wanting to over shine or add too much after the necklace i looked at cardigans or as the brits say it "Jumpers" and found this to die for Glamorous Jumper in Mixed Yarn i thought the two together balanced each other really well! It tamed the necklace just enough to go perfect with the Marc B bag. It is priced at 43.85 and it has an amazing scoop neckline . One major detail that i had to have was the ASOS Full midi skirt with box pleads i wanted to add some soft textures to the whole outfit instead on going the full nine yards with Rock N' Roll, this sweet skirt priced at 66.65 ties in perfectly with the elegance of the bag and balances out the edgy feeling from the other accesories. And now the shoes, cannot believe the variety ASOS has! The ASOS TRIUMPH Studded Platform Shoe Boots is just was it says " triumph "the name made me feel as if i were on top of the world and thats what i want this outfit to say! They are priced at 70.16. Adding some for softness to the outfit i added some makeup extras keeping it pretty simple with the Classic Black liner and a berry lip paint just because you're rockin' the edge doesn't mean pink is out of the picture. And you can never go wrong with some statement Block Orange Nails ! Over all i wanted to give my outfit a glamorous, sophisticated feeling  that the Marc B bag had with some New York Edge!

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