Tuesday, February 12, 2013

||The Marc Jacobs Fashion Show||

<----------------Did anybody else get this nifty email in their inbox earlier this week?
If you did you're probably subscribed to marcjacobs.com, i was a little hesitant to subscribe to his website, or any online store type newsletter for the simple reason that your email is blasted with hundreds of emails that you'll probably never open. But since I'm a huge Marc Jacob's i just couldn't resist the temptation. Not that i could actually afford most of these (sigh...).Well anyway thanks to this email all of his fans could see the fashion show live (eeeek!). So much better than waiting for bloggers and journalist who were actually there write about it the next day. But the best conception that i can take from this well we know what we can expect next fall. Its time to start the trend setting!

Photos: Filippo Fior/InDigitalteam/GoRunway.com
 I am obsessed with the white leaf print (it wouldn't be Marc without the prints) right above which by the way is called the Etta and it is so sophisticated and chic. Marc's collection seem's to undertake a lot of blues and red tones not to mention the big hair and classic red lip.And has anybody noticed there is absolutely no cleavage (sorry boys)! I do not pretend to be an expert in the fashion department but Marc Jacob's is a genus. This is exactly what this year needed a little 70's throwback! Stop with the flashy sequin's skirts already and bring back some sexy non boob showin' class. Aside from the color scheme and the fact that these pieces are actually wearable it is somewhat like his spring 2013 collection in terms were he thinks baggy clothing is in during 2013.
Photo: Filippo Fior/InDigitalteam/GoRunway.com
 Im the kind of person that usually wears what suits me better and  not pay too much attention to 'what is in' but i cant deny that these pieces would look great on anybody with anybody type!
So start the trend setting people make a fashion statement and take some tips from the great Marc Jacobs!

What did you guys think about his collection? Is this something you would wear?Please comment below an don't forget to subscribe!
                                                                   Happy Day Everyone!