Saturday, February 16, 2013


Who is exited about Topshop in america? Ive been following this british brand for a couple of years now and i cant tell you how happy i am that they have finally put a shop in LA! And it seemed i wasn't the only one. Thousands of people showed up to the grand opening of TOPSHOP/TOPMAN Los Angeles on Valentines day (including tyler Oakley and the very same Ingrid from Miss Glamourazzi)!

Famous faces include Demi Lovato and Kate Bosworth
The Event was held at The Grove in Los angeles.
Before i go into more detail about this amazing brand can i just say i am currently drooling (not very lady like) over Kate Bosworth's outfit and her flawless complexion (she wears almost no makeup!). She styled a boxy denim shirt by JW.Anderson and a Topshot floral print skirt with black wedges. Of course Demi also looks great but in the outfit category i have to give it to Kate since Demi's outfit although really cute i have seen repetitive times lately (i still love you!)
The night before Sir Phillip Green hosted the Topshshop launch opening at Cecconi’s, And for what i have seen a lot of famous faces ( actresses, singers, and public figures) showed up at the event. Who Knew there were so many fans!? The list included faces like Kim Kardashian,Miranda Cosgrove, Emma Roberts and the incredible Lionel Richie! With enough Topshop fizzy drinks to go around its no wonder the much anticipated hooorah was such a success! I have been browsing the online shop for a couple of hours right now (and making a wish list for february!) and i can tell there is going to be a pretty big dent on my bank account! Thank you Brits for this amazing brand!

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Happy Day Everyone