Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hello, everyone  as you can see i got my February Glossybox today.The theme for this month's Glossybox was "International Style". I have been deliberating back in forth for months wether or not i should actually subscribe. But looking at the December and the special Edition January Man Repeller box i was sold! Almost everything in those two boxes was full size and had useful products like primer and styling spray...And of course i subscribe and i get this... 
I got:
1-Nail Rock- Nail Wraps (London)
2-LISI Liquid Liner (New York)
3-BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap (Italy)
4-Evologie eSystem Duo Pack Intense Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream (London)
5- Da Vinci Cosmetics shimmer powder (New York)
One this box feel's alot more like a Birchbox rather the Glossybox that is worth $21. The great thing about Glossybox is that usually the bigger full size items can last you months. In this case i can say i will probably use one to none of these maybe the spot treatment just to give it a chance ( free on their website just pay SHP&H). The Nail Rock was animal print themed it just screamed jersey shore to me ( i usually just wear one color, or a simpler print). The Nail Rock Print art is from London i think. I apologize for the vagueness but it actually doesn't really state only a couple or products do state.I was really exited about the LISI liquid liner because im in urgent need of a new one and was about to go on an impromptu trip to Sephora but it seems i get to go anyway (yay!) because the shade i got was in the color of Crystal Ball 09 which is  Shimmery gold, its rather a nice add on color but I'm gonna stick with brown or black liner (from New York Boutique).The next item i got was from Italy it is the BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap which i think its just fancy talk for good smelling' soap (lol) Any ways the soap is priced at $30.The next item item is priced at 15$ and is the travel Kit for the Evologie eSystem Duo Pack Intense Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream and it is from London UK. Im gonna try it out and let you guys know if it works or not. The last Item is from Da Vinci Cosmetics and is a shimmer powder from New York i might actually like this but i think the color might be too dark from my usual blush color and this is full size and is priced at $15.
Over all I'm a little in battle with myself i don't know if ill like some of the products without actually trying them but visually i was expecting more from the international theme! I was really looking forward to some of the products i see in UK Glossybox I'm always really impressed! I'll subscribe again for one more month and if its disappointing ill cancel my subscription.

So what did you guys think of these products? Have heard of them Before? Don't forget to follow my blog and other social media sites and leave your amazing comments below!


                                                                                              Happy day everyone!