Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thread the Pain Away

While i was getting through the awful procedure  of (drumroll please!) hair removal today on my eyebrows, upper lip, and the oh so exiting under arms (geez what girls have to do) I was thinking doesn't this damage your skin? Has anybody been wondering about this or is it just me? So i started reading about what wax and the possible precautions you should take when applying it. Turns out waxing can have lasting effects on your skin, which you will possibly have to live with for the rest of you life. The heat that you put on your skin leaves a dark pigment that darkens over the years, caused by sunlight,the skin is sensitized by the waxing and the skin protects itself by creating pigment. And especially on sensitive skin you can get rashes and possibly tear your skin. Not to mention that the procedure is undeniably painful.

i started to research other options for hair removal and found threading.You know that thing where a lady stands over you face and pulls hair with a string.It was absolutely amazing. I first did it to my eyebrow's and it literally took care of the tiniest hair it cleaned my eyebrows completely and the pain was half as bad as the waxing. Not to mention the price waxing was 15 dollars while threading was only 5. And the best thing of all is after you don't feel like a hot iron was placed on parts of
 your face moments earlier. So to me i give waxing four points while threading gets a big 10!

Let me know if there are other ways ya'll prefer to get rid of unwanted hair on the comments below!            


                                                                          Happy day everyone!