Thursday, March 21, 2013

ELIE SAAB || Spring 2013 Collection

I am officially in love with this designer! He caught by eye during Paris fashion week during which he was featured in one of Rachel Zoe's Project episodes. His exuberance and timeless elegance was easily transformed into the kind of sex appeal every woman wants. And it was with no waste of time that i started researching and if i may say so creepin' a little! From his Start of his love for women's fashion to his collection masterpieces from the last decade he is able to tell a story with every garment he makes. When looking at fashion today i am always searching for the story, who is this woman? What is her story? He did this so easily, and you occasionally have one of those "OH SHIZZ" Amazing moments.

Since i couldn't possibly pick just one photo of his entire collection i put together a couple of slideshows featuring his two collections. The Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and his Ready To Wear Spring 2013 Collection, not all of his garments are featured and the slide show runs on 5-7 seconds intervals.

Haute Couture Spring 2013 - Slideshow

What i most Loved about this Haute couture collection is the detailing, as you can see from the pictures it was elegant but had a sense of risk in all of this! His designs especially in his gowns are very risky when it comes to showing skin, he expresses sexiness in the silhouette instead in the showing of flesh. The tugging at the waist gives the image of an hour glass figure, and with hints of sheer fabric he is able to set an illusion of skin while keeping it classy but sexy.It is like reminiscing on when you first set your eyes on a Marchesa Gown. Another reason why i love this designer is because i feel like he understands women and women's body he knows who we are and how we want to feel! This is the dream closet for the ultimage girly girl as his collection sets a mood of pastel's and light fabrics. There were not many prints on the surface of the garment but actually in the garment using shapes to further center the definition of the waist and produce a sliming figure overall. 

Ready To Wear Spring 2013 - Slideshow

His Ready to wear Collection, i was highly impressed. It was different yet similar to the Haute couture collection. He always keeps it elegant but this time played with prints! I am a huge prints fan if they are in the right place. I saw that in his designs instead of using the spring colors throughout the whole garment they were instead portrayed as prints. The silhouette was the same as it tugged at the waist and revealed skin without it looking trashy. Like i said before SAAB really knows how women are made and how we want to feel. (I love the black mini dress!)

At the moment i am loving this designer! I want to know what yall's favorite designer is right now?!?!?!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

COCONUT OIL || Worth the Hype??

Over the last year, all i have heard on tv, articles, and even PINTEREST is that coconut oil is the solution to all your beauty problems.Seems a little too good to be true, doesn't it? After much speculation i decided i would try it out. First issue it said corrected was dry hair or damaged hair. So i went online a did a little research on the how-to process, otherwise i would have made a big mess!(yikes) Anyway the steps are pretty simple Use Organic virgin coconut oil,which you could find on your local farmers market or wholes food; and saran wrap. Apply the raw oil and start with your tip's and follow up until your scalp make sure you cover your whole head. Wrap your hair around to a secure bun and the use the saran wrap to secure it even further and to make you nothing drips and the coconut start working it's magic*. Wait about twenty minutes then shower or wash your hair (what you normally do) make sure to wash thoroughly with your shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your hair and follow your usual hair care routine. I was actually really surprised with this i thought it was really great and easy!. I thought i gave my hair more volume and overall it just felt more alive. My hair color seemed richer and that didn't diminish after i styled it and applied heat and that was just one session (Don't forget to use heat protector!) So yes i really did love this!

The following issue people are raving it fixe's is dry skin and acne. Alone i wasn't that impressed overall just made my skin look oily; i left the oil on my face for about 10 minute's it wasn't that great it kinda just made my face smell good. I researched a bit more and i saw an article regarding coconut oil when mixed with honey. THIS WAS SOOO GOOD! I guess that's the kick the oil needed the face mask reduced redness from pores and diminished some spots that i had before! Keep in mind i did do this 3X a week so don't give up if you didn't see results right away.Also with the hair treatment i used it twice a week. So overall yes i think it is definitely worth the hype keep in mind not everyone is the same we all have different skin types and hair texture's so don't get discouraged it not always works for you there is probably something out there that i worth YOUR hype!

Have ya'll tried this before?
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

China Doll Boutique Competition || MY PICK'S

Hey Everyone I'm really exited about this post because its another competition!
Before i start styling anything, i always refer back to a theme. What do i want this outfit to say? And is it practical for that day? So for this outfit i was aiming for a chic sophisticated yet casual look. I wanted to be comfortable but also really stylish and i centered the whole look Around the China Doll Boutique Blush Pink Top. Nothing better can say casual than a pair of jeans, it's always great to go bak to basics and the light tainted H&M Skinny Low shade is perfect for that. Adding more casual extra's i thought a cardigan from H&M instead of the blazer would be perfect for this especially because of the color it wont take anything away from the pink top. And the H&M Court shoes in black tie to whole outfit together, especially because of the simple heel your feet wont hurt after a long-day of activities. But we cant stop there as a handbag is a must have! I raved in my February/March Wish list about this amazing ZARA office handbag (perfect for on-the-go).Finishing up this outfit i realized that i had no jewelry so i thought i would add a H&M Ring and a pop of color with a TopShop Lip Crayon! China Doll Boutique  has this amazing competition in respect for the launch of their new website. As i mentioned in my IM BACK! || Surviving college before a break || i had been really busy for a while so i wasn't able to give my upmost attention to my blog (...sad) , and therefore am posting my submission kinda late. Nevertheless its great to be back and I'm gonna post the info for he competition below. Also the budget is 200, as the winner will receive all of their pick's or as much as it add's to the 200 pound's! MINE Added up to 179.95!  
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

HomeMade Sunday!

Another homemade sunday recipe. What I'm going to talk about today is probably the easiest recipe i have ever done. And all you need is SUGAR.
That's it!
This might sound a bit weird but i actually wash my face with sugar everyday.
It's a great, and easy exfoliant for your face. It washes a away dead skin cell's and gives you an instant smoothness to your complexion. Some say it might be to harsh for your skin and you shouldn't  rub too hard. Truth is you just have to know how to do it. 
Pour some sugar into a small container, then add hot water. DONT put it on your face just yet, wait till the sugar particles start melting  and when the water is warm not hot start exfoliating your entire face with the sugar. Remember this is not a mask just an easy scrub for everyday use. Do this for about a minute and wash away the sugar and pat dry your face. And that's it, your done you will instantly feel your face much much smoother.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

IM BACK! || Surviving college before a break ||

After endless lecture's, five page essay's and Pre-Spring Break Test's i can finally say IM BACK! Im not sure if ya'll have noticed i have been a bit absent for the last couple a of weeks. It hasn't been easy putting my blog at the back-end but now that it is officially spring break it time to put aside the textbooks and put on all my energy to my blog once again. I swear college professor's like to make us suffer right before spring break! During this last two weeks i found myself drowned by textbook's and felt myself dreaming about analogies and and the study of nonverbal communication. Nevertheless the point is its time for a school DETOX and focus on a productive spring break. By productive i mean full long week of relaxing, letting my brain breath from boring professor's, and writing about the latest beauty and fashion trends. I cant think of a better use of a week right now.

I dont know if it's just me or is school usually way harder, right before break time? There are a couple of thing's that are essential to surviving college especially around this time.

1.  A great Planner
This is essential, and probably my best friend for the last two Weeks. I have FRANKLIN 365 ring bound planner. Ive had this planner for about two years and i never leave the house without it. I got the ring bound one because ill i have to do once a year is order the filter's for the next year and just put it in. Im the kind of person that really likes to have everything written down somewhere, and this has a great compartment in the back for note's and a small zip bag for money, ID's etc.So you wont have to carry around a wallet.And the cute leather compartment's are plus! Also i always update on my laptop- you can never be to careful
2-A cozy place around the school to study and or at home
In my school we have what it's called the dome which is basically the new library they build the past summer. And it's full of really comfy lounge chair's and sofa's that make time pass pretty quick and your back wont hurt afterwards. If you have a great place to study, and read its gonna make school a lot easier.

3- Extra Ink 
ITS SO EXPENSIVE WHY?? I've run out of ink a couple of times and it's a pain having to pay 30-50 dollars replacing ink My suggestion try your luck with ink from eBay or amazon if you buy ink from 3rd parties with cheaper ink it might work out and usually are 10X less expensive.

4- A great playlist
Truth is you CANT survive college without your GO-TO playlist to ease your mind and help you through those irritating times. (I'll post another post about my playlist)

5- Yoga Pant's
Whoever hasn't worn yoga pants for not doing yoga is seriously missing out. It's comfy and easy and you can eat whatever you want without feeling like a balloon. 

6- BB Cream, a great Mascara & Chapstick
I've mentioned in my bb cram face off post how much i love the Maybelline BB cream mainly because it's great for on the go coverage and give you a great glow. As for the Mascara i love the 
They're Real! Benefit Mascara from Sephora it make me look awake even though i don't feel like it at all (Prepare for no sleep while at college).And as for the Chapstick you can never go wrong with Maybelline Baby Lips!

So thats it! If you got this far along i hope i this post might be of some use to you! Please dont forget to leave your comment's below. Have any essential's for college? Remember to follow via GFC and other social media sites!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

||Maybelline Baby Lips -REVIEW||

I absolutely love this product. The Maybelline Lip Balm claims to rejuvenate lips in a week and protect and moisturize a full 8 hours.  Although i does moisturize full a couple of hours i don't think it was for the length of 8 hours. Nevertheless this is a great product for the on the go moisture plus a hint of tint. Its great for when i don't want to go full coverage with lipstick or gloss Its not sticky like gloss (does your hair ever get stuck....hate it) but it gives enough tint so you wont have to use a lipstick.I have the shade in Cherry Me 015, for months and i still have more than half of the stick. I read several reviews for this product and some say that it is too sheer. I think it all depends in your natural lip color, the lighter your lips the darker the tint of the lip balm on your lips. I would totally recommend this product , its easy and efficient. Im also a big fan of the packaging it's fun and the price is only 3.99. Lastly i can not get over of how good it smell's, its one of those lip balms that you wish you could just eat up!

What lip balms do ya'll like? Would you try this products leave your lovely comments below and don't forget to follow via GFC and other media sites!

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