Wednesday, March 13, 2013

China Doll Boutique Competition || MY PICK'S

Hey Everyone I'm really exited about this post because its another competition!
Before i start styling anything, i always refer back to a theme. What do i want this outfit to say? And is it practical for that day? So for this outfit i was aiming for a chic sophisticated yet casual look. I wanted to be comfortable but also really stylish and i centered the whole look Around the China Doll Boutique Blush Pink Top. Nothing better can say casual than a pair of jeans, it's always great to go bak to basics and the light tainted H&M Skinny Low shade is perfect for that. Adding more casual extra's i thought a cardigan from H&M instead of the blazer would be perfect for this especially because of the color it wont take anything away from the pink top. And the H&M Court shoes in black tie to whole outfit together, especially because of the simple heel your feet wont hurt after a long-day of activities. But we cant stop there as a handbag is a must have! I raved in my February/March Wish list about this amazing ZARA office handbag (perfect for on-the-go).Finishing up this outfit i realized that i had no jewelry so i thought i would add a H&M Ring and a pop of color with a TopShop Lip Crayon! China Doll Boutique  has this amazing competition in respect for the launch of their new website. As i mentioned in my IM BACK! || Surviving college before a break || i had been really busy for a while so i wasn't able to give my upmost attention to my blog (...sad) , and therefore am posting my submission kinda late. Nevertheless its great to be back and I'm gonna post the info for he competition below. Also the budget is 200, as the winner will receive all of their pick's or as much as it add's to the 200 pound's! MINE Added up to 179.95!  
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                                                                   Happy day everyone