Tuesday, March 19, 2013

COCONUT OIL || Worth the Hype??

Over the last year, all i have heard on tv, articles, and even PINTEREST is that coconut oil is the solution to all your beauty problems.Seems a little too good to be true, doesn't it? After much speculation i decided i would try it out. First issue it said corrected was dry hair or damaged hair. So i went online a did a little research on the how-to process, otherwise i would have made a big mess!(yikes) Anyway the steps are pretty simple Use Organic virgin coconut oil,which you could find on your local farmers market or wholes food; and saran wrap. Apply the raw oil and start with your tip's and follow up until your scalp make sure you cover your whole head. Wrap your hair around to a secure bun and the use the saran wrap to secure it even further and to make you nothing drips and the coconut start working it's magic*. Wait about twenty minutes then shower or wash your hair (what you normally do) make sure to wash thoroughly with your shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your hair and follow your usual hair care routine. I was actually really surprised with this i thought it was really great and easy!. I thought i gave my hair more volume and overall it just felt more alive. My hair color seemed richer and that didn't diminish after i styled it and applied heat and that was just one session (Don't forget to use heat protector!) So yes i really did love this!

The following issue people are raving it fixe's is dry skin and acne. Alone i wasn't that impressed overall just made my skin look oily; i left the oil on my face for about 10 minute's it wasn't that great it kinda just made my face smell good. I researched a bit more and i saw an article regarding coconut oil when mixed with honey. THIS WAS SOOO GOOD! I guess that's the kick the oil needed the face mask reduced redness from pores and diminished some spots that i had before! Keep in mind i did do this 3X a week so don't give up if you didn't see results right away.Also with the hair treatment i used it twice a week. So overall yes i think it is definitely worth the hype keep in mind not everyone is the same we all have different skin types and hair texture's so don't get discouraged it not always works for you there is probably something out there that i worth YOUR hype!

Have ya'll tried this before?
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