Thursday, March 21, 2013

ELIE SAAB || Spring 2013 Collection

I am officially in love with this designer! He caught by eye during Paris fashion week during which he was featured in one of Rachel Zoe's Project episodes. His exuberance and timeless elegance was easily transformed into the kind of sex appeal every woman wants. And it was with no waste of time that i started researching and if i may say so creepin' a little! From his Start of his love for women's fashion to his collection masterpieces from the last decade he is able to tell a story with every garment he makes. When looking at fashion today i am always searching for the story, who is this woman? What is her story? He did this so easily, and you occasionally have one of those "OH SHIZZ" Amazing moments.

Since i couldn't possibly pick just one photo of his entire collection i put together a couple of slideshows featuring his two collections. The Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and his Ready To Wear Spring 2013 Collection, not all of his garments are featured and the slide show runs on 5-7 seconds intervals.

Haute Couture Spring 2013 - Slideshow

What i most Loved about this Haute couture collection is the detailing, as you can see from the pictures it was elegant but had a sense of risk in all of this! His designs especially in his gowns are very risky when it comes to showing skin, he expresses sexiness in the silhouette instead in the showing of flesh. The tugging at the waist gives the image of an hour glass figure, and with hints of sheer fabric he is able to set an illusion of skin while keeping it classy but sexy.It is like reminiscing on when you first set your eyes on a Marchesa Gown. Another reason why i love this designer is because i feel like he understands women and women's body he knows who we are and how we want to feel! This is the dream closet for the ultimage girly girl as his collection sets a mood of pastel's and light fabrics. There were not many prints on the surface of the garment but actually in the garment using shapes to further center the definition of the waist and produce a sliming figure overall. 

Ready To Wear Spring 2013 - Slideshow

His Ready to wear Collection, i was highly impressed. It was different yet similar to the Haute couture collection. He always keeps it elegant but this time played with prints! I am a huge prints fan if they are in the right place. I saw that in his designs instead of using the spring colors throughout the whole garment they were instead portrayed as prints. The silhouette was the same as it tugged at the waist and revealed skin without it looking trashy. Like i said before SAAB really knows how women are made and how we want to feel. (I love the black mini dress!)

At the moment i am loving this designer! I want to know what yall's favorite designer is right now?!?!?!
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