Saturday, March 9, 2013

IM BACK! || Surviving college before a break ||

After endless lecture's, five page essay's and Pre-Spring Break Test's i can finally say IM BACK! Im not sure if ya'll have noticed i have been a bit absent for the last couple a of weeks. It hasn't been easy putting my blog at the back-end but now that it is officially spring break it time to put aside the textbooks and put on all my energy to my blog once again. I swear college professor's like to make us suffer right before spring break! During this last two weeks i found myself drowned by textbook's and felt myself dreaming about analogies and and the study of nonverbal communication. Nevertheless the point is its time for a school DETOX and focus on a productive spring break. By productive i mean full long week of relaxing, letting my brain breath from boring professor's, and writing about the latest beauty and fashion trends. I cant think of a better use of a week right now.

I dont know if it's just me or is school usually way harder, right before break time? There are a couple of thing's that are essential to surviving college especially around this time.

1.  A great Planner
This is essential, and probably my best friend for the last two Weeks. I have FRANKLIN 365 ring bound planner. Ive had this planner for about two years and i never leave the house without it. I got the ring bound one because ill i have to do once a year is order the filter's for the next year and just put it in. Im the kind of person that really likes to have everything written down somewhere, and this has a great compartment in the back for note's and a small zip bag for money, ID's etc.So you wont have to carry around a wallet.And the cute leather compartment's are plus! Also i always update on my laptop- you can never be to careful
2-A cozy place around the school to study and or at home
In my school we have what it's called the dome which is basically the new library they build the past summer. And it's full of really comfy lounge chair's and sofa's that make time pass pretty quick and your back wont hurt afterwards. If you have a great place to study, and read its gonna make school a lot easier.

3- Extra Ink 
ITS SO EXPENSIVE WHY?? I've run out of ink a couple of times and it's a pain having to pay 30-50 dollars replacing ink My suggestion try your luck with ink from eBay or amazon if you buy ink from 3rd parties with cheaper ink it might work out and usually are 10X less expensive.

4- A great playlist
Truth is you CANT survive college without your GO-TO playlist to ease your mind and help you through those irritating times. (I'll post another post about my playlist)

5- Yoga Pant's
Whoever hasn't worn yoga pants for not doing yoga is seriously missing out. It's comfy and easy and you can eat whatever you want without feeling like a balloon. 

6- BB Cream, a great Mascara & Chapstick
I've mentioned in my bb cram face off post how much i love the Maybelline BB cream mainly because it's great for on the go coverage and give you a great glow. As for the Mascara i love the 
They're Real! Benefit Mascara from Sephora it make me look awake even though i don't feel like it at all (Prepare for no sleep while at college).And as for the Chapstick you can never go wrong with Maybelline Baby Lips!

So thats it! If you got this far along i hope i this post might be of some use to you! Please dont forget to leave your comment's below. Have any essential's for college? Remember to follow via GFC and other social media sites!

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                                                                                              Happy day everyone!