Tuesday, March 5, 2013

||Maybelline Baby Lips -REVIEW||

I absolutely love this product. The Maybelline Lip Balm claims to rejuvenate lips in a week and protect and moisturize a full 8 hours.  Although i does moisturize full a couple of hours i don't think it was for the length of 8 hours. Nevertheless this is a great product for the on the go moisture plus a hint of tint. Its great for when i don't want to go full coverage with lipstick or gloss Its not sticky like gloss (does your hair ever get stuck....hate it) but it gives enough tint so you wont have to use a lipstick.I have the shade in Cherry Me 015, for months and i still have more than half of the stick. I read several reviews for this product and some say that it is too sheer. I think it all depends in your natural lip color, the lighter your lips the darker the tint of the lip balm on your lips. I would totally recommend this product , its easy and efficient. Im also a big fan of the packaging it's fun and the price is only 3.99. Lastly i can not get over of how good it smell's, its one of those lip balms that you wish you could just eat up!

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