Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dealing With Stress

You wake up, you grab a quick breakfast, get ready for the day, put make up on, and have to change five times because of course nothing is fitting right that day and the weather is not playing nice. You have flash cards in your hand ready for that day's exam and a Starbucks cup in your other hand. You nail your test but still feel anxious toward the results, you get through the next class, and then you go to the gym and finally get home eat dinner and finish/start on your next paper. Then finally sleep around 12:30. It no surprise the big word that haunts you in those days in STRESS.
 I especially deal with anxiety and sometimes a simple task is like the world is ending, stress can take over and add to my anxiety. I recently had an epiphany a few days ago when my sister asked,"Why are you so bitter lately?" I realized stress was taking over my life and i needed a stress detox ASAP.

Say YES!
Its a project on the works, but one worth having. Saying yes to life possibilites you wouldnt normally agree to can make you feel like you are taking life by its hinges and taking control of how you live your life.

Music has that great capability of making you let go and just exists within a song. It lets you put aside your worries and you anxiety and focus on a story.

Workin' it out
Some people might not enjoy working out, sweating etc but i think we can all agree it feels great afterward . Working out releases endorphins that make you feel relaxed and on ease.

Take a breath in and sloooow down
We all have goals, and achievements we we wish to reach but life isn't about living it fast but living it fully doing what you love while still having time to stop and enjoy the view. HOT YOGA is something i discovereda few months ago and its also a great workout. It helps you understand your body and how it works while helping you reach a balance between work/school and your emotional state.

 Our bodies, including our brains, need water to function properly. If you’re just a bit dehydrated, your body's levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, increase. Plus water and sleep is the most important ingredient for helping your skin look and feel great.

If  ya'll have ever experienced stress and found ways to de-stress and would like to share comment below! I love reading y'alls comments

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              Happy day everyone