Monday, April 15, 2013

Newspaper Nails

Okay guys so this little nail experiment has been around for a while now, but like so many i honestly didn't know how to do this. Newspaper Nails--->  Mind=Blown!

What You'll Need:

1) Base & Top Coat

2) Nail Polish of your choice try to get one you know is long-lasting!

3) Any newspaper (some states don't use same quality newspaper to save trees)

4)  Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1


Okay the first step is to apply a thin layer of your favorite base coat. Then, apply two coats of any polish in a light to medium shade. Choose a creamy, non-shimmery texture for best results.

Step 2

While your nails are drying; Cut ten 2" x 1" strips (one for each nail), and set aside.

Step 3


Begin applying the newspaper only after your nails are completely dry. Dab rubbing alcohol on the nail bed with your finger or dip the whole nail into a small bowl of rubbing alcohol. Then, dip one newspaper strip into your small bowl of alcohol and shake it out.  Overlay that newspaper strip directly on the nail bed and don't move!  Take an alcohol-dampened paper towel and apply light pressure on the nail just like a temporary tattoo. After 10 full seconds, slowly peel off the strip and you'll see the ink imprint. Repeat this process for each nail.

Step 4


Allow nails to dry again for five full minutes, then seal the deal with your favorite top coat. 

I absolutely loved the effect it was very creative and unique , doing my nail's isnt usually my strong suit so i think next time ill get a professional to do it . This was just really creative and as blogger's might we all agree this is like a blogger trademark on your nails WE ALL LOVE WRITING! 

Let me know if ya'll have tried this before and if it worked for ya'll?! And dont forget to add me via other social media
sites! Thankyou!

              Happy day everyone