Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mascara: Do's and Dont's

Mascara is such a subjective matter..and pretty awesome—some like it detailed and smooth when it is nearly detectable, some like it thick and blunt. To me a powerful mascara that defines but doesn't look too clumpy or exaggerated is the way to go. The reason why in the first place i wanted to talk about mascara is because as a young adult*(haha) and as someone who is consecutively surrounded by young kids my age i can pretty much tell you *we don't sleep. We stay up late doing assignments for school, instagraming stuff (you know who you,Starbuck selfless, and normal selfless* are)  and pretty much obsessing after FANdoms on Tumblr we don't have time to actually do our makeup properly unless you wake up with some adequate time in advance. And sometimes are mascara looks like  a throwback snooki's makeup after a looong night of lashing out, partying, and lets be real elusive and not necessary crying (sorry for snooki fan's out there). To me mascara can make your day or break it. 

So when is it too much??? I suggest if  you have a Snooki moment go easy on the mascara i LOVE mascara but on a day to day basis you seriously don't need a heavy coat This above picture of lilly collins is perfect is suttle but brighting to the eye. Especially as a college kid , this is pretty perfect on our rush hour days (which is pretty much every day in my case..)

What I like so much is that her lashes appear natural, not like the glued-on spidery things that accompany so many celebrities down the red carpet with thick clumps on their already big enough false lashes. I like that she has a touch of mascara on the bottom too. This defines her eye shape enough that she needs hardly any eyeliner at all.. I absolutely love this look

Realistically not everyone has the same eye shape and natural lash volume.. but there comes a time when more is not always better....

So in conclusion-- DO INVEST in a good simple but dramatic mascara
AND DONT clump or rush you lashes...

What i want to know is if you agree? And to share any mascara experiences!

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