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Book Review: Paper Towns

Book: Paper Towns

Released: September 22, 2009 (Speak)
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When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night – dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge – he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q. Printz Medalist John Green returns with the trademark brilliant wit and heart-stopping emotional honesty that have inspired a new generation of readers.
Like all of John Greens books, Paper Towns is funny, widely intelligent, as vastly enduring. You get hooked right from the PROLOGUE!

I first heard of John Green through his youtube channels ( I admit crash course saved my GPA a few times) last year just as his promotion for The Fault in Our Stars was on full effect. I heard splendid  reviews about it but i was skeptical to go on that rollercoaster of feels* But read it anyways of course, as well as all of his other books including the Personal Favorite, and emotionally crippling Looking For Alaska.

Paper Towns was fantastic EPIC"" i wouldn't expect anything less from John Green. Its not another run of the mill stereotypical coming of age story. Paper Towns if oozing with romance, its riveting in the prospect  of gripping you from the get go. I think the aspect that differentes John is his appeal to a funny story but also making it serious in terms of the big picture. His themes also come full circle and Paper Town wasn't an exception. The theme of Paper Towns is that understanding a person’s logic, reason and concepts is more important than understanding a person for what you (personally) believe them to be or what you wish them to be in your mind. “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”.
The story starts with Quentin, who by an unbelievable circumstance lives next door to Margo. Margo chooses Quentin, who has been in love with Margo since they were kids full night adventure he’ll never forget, before she disappears. Quentin learns that Margo has left puzzling clues of her destination before fleeing, and he intends to unpuzzle those clues that will eventually lead to the greatest treasure of all. Margo.
What i loved about this book what that it had an emphasis in searching. Not specifically only for Margo, but searching for your identity, friendship, and the greatest search of all ...searching for what truly matters in life. The book’s dialogue and writing style comes of as funny, nerdy (compliment) very mature in spite of being a coming of age story. The character’s are each their own not one character is spawn just to exist but have a deep meaning and importance to the overall story. Green writes in a way that connects to any reader and you can't wait to divulge the whole book in just a few hours!
What i most like about the book and in short the author itself is his ability to write not to satisfy the reader’s but to deliver an overall AMAZING and engaging story that does what a book is supposed to do, TO THINK AND TO FEEL.
I can't say anymore unless i spoil it for you. All i can really say is engaging this book is totally worth every feel, and it demands to be read without SPOILS, as it will take you on a ‘rollercoaster that can only go up’**

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