Monday, April 14, 2014

Lifestyle Post


1. The experience. Im in college, which means money is always lacking Which means an opportunity to take on a UNPAID internship position is flabbergasting. However in the long run in my career its not gonna matter than i had two jobs in retail but rather the experience that i can use in my career.  I learned so much that you can never get in a classroom work environment! You won't learn unless you actually do the job
2. Balancing a JOB and an Internship & School.  It can be done ! I go to school year round including paymaster and winter-mester (10 days 7 hours a day- its crazy!) Many people think you can't manage a job, an internship, and your school work. Its just a matter of commitment and great planning. This is a great time to a get  VISUAL internship you only need to commit 10-15 hours a week and you can do it from home- Im a communication  major to doing social media internships were a great bonus!
3. Added To My Resume. I don't have much  working experience and I'm sure a retail job isn't going to impress PR agencies. My unpaid internships may not have paid me but they added a lot of nessesary value to my resume.                          .                                                     4.Gave me Connections. I was able to meet valuable contacts in the industry from home who can eventually land me a job in the work field i wish. Thank gosh for LINKEDIN                                        .                                                       5. My industry of choice has limited opportunities locally. I live in Texas i eventually want to go into the PR world but an emphasis in the publishing world and that isn't exactly lining up jobs in the North Texas area. My interests were always in PR AND ANDVERTISINGcommunication related opportunities. Unless i want to apply for an internship at Dallas Magazing which is a great company that outlines Dallas best aspects, hotspots and north texan cultures.
6. Motivated Me to Be Successful.  After high school  everything changes you think everything just cools down. I think otherwise, In college, you start the real world , wing an adult, fixing college, and financial aid applications, and managing the rest of your life, unpaid internships got me in the mindset of i know how to do this job- Im confident in what i do. This always helps me because when its time to take a leap and make my future happen i won't be counting what i can do i the work field .

Thank's Y'all for reading it next update 4/18