Saturday, April 12, 2014

Winger By: Andrew Smith


When Fourteen year old junior Ryan Dean finds himself  rooming with the school's jerk, in love with his best friend, and in a dorm full delinquents and troublemakers, will 'Winger' survive his junior year?
 This is a guy's book, it is hilariously addictive, filled with snarky comments and raw honesty.
Winger, Andrew Smith’s latest book,  i was first drawn to the cover it intrigued me (not that a bleeding kid with tissue up his nose would  necessarily intrigue me, but it did)   I was even more exited when i read the synopsis and realized it was set in a boarding school! 

 Lets just say ever since reading John Green's Looking for Alaska i have had a soft spot for the scrappy, but vulnerable type.

Ryan Dean West is mart like really really smart (but apparently only in school), Passing buy as a scrawny 14 year old junior Ryan Dean is best know as "a skinny as loser.  But he is fast, which grant him the position as a WING in the school's Rugby team.  
So what did this kid due to earn him a spot in a dorm full of troublemakers? Ryan Dean West is smart but apparently not smart enough when he got caught hacking a teachers cellphone. Thus he landed in the 'Opportunity Hall' rooming with the jerk known, as Chas Becker. A gay best friend across the hall, and desperately in love with Annie his best friend who is  also two years older than him.
Late night poker games, alcohol, and middle of the night prank's Ryan Dean is in for a hell of a ride.

This kind of protagonist always intrigues me in a way, he is  wicked smart, and has hilarious insight commentary.  Andrew Smith is amazing at envisioning such a character that is not one dimensional. He is a tough kid on the field  but gets bullied off the field because of his scrawny nature. on ething i can say about this book is you will literally strain your vocal cords from laughing so much. (My voice was raspy and husky all day long) 
The thing about this book is how it crosses So many boundaries of appropriateness (NOT RECOMMEND FOR AND UN-MATURE AUDIENCE)  And because it does its why is so great! Its one surprise after another  and its real and raw, which gives us an insight into a mind of teenage boy and lets face it the experiences of puberty and high school all wrapped up in to a pretty little bow.
And i was totally delighted with the comic book references throughout the book, i alway love some good *but sarcastic Art!
The big message throughout the book is the reality of how to live one's life, apreacitae what you have, and don't pine after what you don't! Winger makes mistakes, he gets stuck in a  whole lot of drama, but he also makes great friends, and ultimately does the best he can with what he has. He is the kinds guy  you want to be around all the time, and he is the kind of guy that will tell another guy straight up to his face that he loves him* ( In a totally bromance kind of way)

I recommend this book 100% you won't put it down  i can guarantee it!  i think any one who reads this book will end up experiencing life in a another level. Thanks Andrew Smith! 
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