Saturday, June 28, 2014


By: Ely Cervantes


BossyPants: by Tina Fey

Tina Fey does not disappoint in the is hilarious book! I had a difficult time putting the book down once i started reading it. Bossy pants is a hilarious blend of humor, introspection of your self and most if all spectacular guide to women (or men) in this generation. It's not EXACTLY a memoir, however i throughly enjoyed reading the experiences of a women who has a had a very successful and full life. As someone who just turned 20 a few months a go , what this book did was not show me a path to take but opened my senses and infinite possibilities of where my life can take me. Its not about getting my "shit" together, but rather I got my "shit" and i'll figure it out as i go!

Forst of all can i just say Lauren Berger is honestly one of the most influential women our age today. This friendly use guide to career and college advice is easy to read, and a MUST HAVE for any one of our generation taking their next step in their career. Since reading this book i have successfully completed two internships!

Zen and the Art of Happiness: by Chris Prentiss

STRESS STRESSSSS, AND MORE STRESS! Is the epidemy of our lives in our 20's with  School exams, friendships, family, guys (or girls- whatever rows your boat ) and finally career and personal achievements no owner we are conspicuously checking for grey hair in the mirror. This book took me on a journey to learn more about myself and ultimately about how to me a more peaceful person.

There is something about being able to relate that this novel just gets. Ever since watching the movie, " The Jane Austen Book Club" i always had that knack to find people to talk about everything  from love to school, and everything in between. However what did this did was gave me he next best thing it is a whirlwind of experiences of girls  from their early adulthood, to the struggles and achievements of girls our age!

I gotta say i as highly skeptical to read any of Lauren Conrad's books, because of the whole reality Tv skeptical. I was throughly and happily proven wrong  From her novels which include "Women Bitchiness" and Backstabbing to friends in high and low places. The stories were fun and easy to read. But ultimately she really gets how the world can be for women in personal dilemmas as well as in the workplace, where the claws come out. Her other books in style, fashion, and beauty were more of a guide to personal maintenance that were so fun to keep around! If that is just not for you i recommend visiting her site At it has her blog and pages on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion

      Thank you for Reading!!

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